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TAMA SINGH property coach

“My goal is to educate and empower people to get the most out of property investment”

About Tama

Tama has a No Excuses mindset when it comes to making money through property.

So many people have commented on his motivational energy and also the relatability on how he speaks and teaches others.

He has only been in property for a couple of years and has since then purchased over 60x properties since then.

Over 60x property purchases since 2021

Started with only $4000 and a No Excuse attitude

Has hosted numerous sold out seminars with crazy success stories from students

You need to know your strategy before you go unconditional

Knowing your strategy and sticking to it means you’re less likely to over- or under-capitalise on the renovation or refresh of the property. Over-capitalise on a rental, and you risk cutting into that yield. Under-capitalise on a flip, and you risk putting off a first-time buyer.

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Success Stories

Tama has successfully equipped and empowered hundreds of people with the essential knowledge and tools to optimise their profitability in property investing.

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