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Tama Singh’s Property Mentorship Programme

About the Mentorship Programme

Thank you for showing interest in my exclusive One-on-One mentorship package.

I appreciate that you’ve come across my property-related videos on Instagram or Facebook, where I discuss various aspects of real estate. In just two years, we have made 60 property purchases and numerous profitable Joint Venture Deals.

Considering our achievements, I have decided to create an intensive One-on-One mentorship program to assist others who aspire to maximise profits in property investing.

Now is your opportunity to shine! Over a span of four months, this program is specifically designed to guide you through property flipping or making a successful long-term investment. This mentorship program stands out as a unique offering in the New Zealand market. It is highly practical and includes a two-day in-person training session with me, where we will utilize my laptop and phone, regardless of your location in New Zealand.

mentorship package

Programme Stages

My motivation is to help these individuals achieve amazing results.

The cost of the program is $20,000 +GST, covering the following seven stages:

Stage 1

Initial Assessment

Initial assessment of your position with brokers, solicitors, and accountants before making any purchases. You will have access to my personal team for support during this stage

Duration: 3 weeks

Stage 2

2 day in-person training

Two-day in-person training with me, utilizing my laptop to search for deals. This will take place wherever you reside in New Zealand, and we will make live offers. During this stage, you will learn all the strategies I have acquired

Duration: 2 days

Stage 3

Deal Secured

The target is to have a deal secured by the 5th week

Duration: 5 weeks

Stage 4

Renovation Training

Renovation training and coordination of tradies for the specific deal (6th week).

Duration: 1 weeks

Stage 5

Commence Renovations

Commence renovations, guided by me and my team.

Duration: 1 weeks

Stage 6

Complete Renovations

Complete renovations and involve an appropriate agent or property manager based on the chosen strategy (10th week).

Duration: 1 weeks

Stage 7

Revalue Property

Revalue the new property to access the equity you've gained or review the profit made from your flip.

Duration: 1 weeks

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