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At the next highly anticipated property training event

During this training, you will gain valuable insights into the following areas:

  • Assessing available funds and leveraging financial resources effectively.
  • Establishing your own successful property company.
  • Understanding finance options and loan serviceability.
  • Mastering the art of buying low and renovating for profitable property flipping.
  • Exploring contemporaneous settlements and their potential for substantial profits (over $250K+ profit generated so far).
  • Efficiently managing remote renovations and learning effective strategies.
  • Identifying common mistakes and discovering how to avoid them.
  • Establishing trade accounts, effectively dealing with tradies and obtaining accurate quotes.
  • Navigating the complexities of working with councils and consultants.
  • Exploring subdivisions and valuations for maximum profitability.
  • Understanding insurance requirements and ensuring adequate coverage.
  • Conducting thorough due diligence before purchasing and selling properties.
  • Implementing a buy-and-hold strategy and identifying growth regions.
  • Mastering negotiation techniques with real estate agents and vendors.
  • Enhancing property marketing skills, including staging, photography, scripts, and working with agents.
  • Understanding sale and purchase agreements, essential clauses, and legal considerations.
  • Calculating yields and return on investments accurately.
  • Discovering the tools and strategies Tama Singh uses to make offers quickly.
  • Obtaining valuable tax and GST information for property transactions.
  • Learning how to effectively partner through joint ventures.

Upon completing this training, you will possess the knowledge and skills to:

  • Independently identify lucrative property deals and implement the most suitable strategies for financial success.
  • Communicate confidently with potential partners who possess capital, fostering mutually beneficial partnerships.
  • Aim to earn an additional $30k-$50k+ within a year, particularly for beginners.
  • Assist Tama Singh in expanding his network of deal finders, potential joint venture partners, and growing his personal brand as a respected property coach.

Meet your coach

Tama Singh

Tama has a No Excuses mindset when it comes to making money through property.

So many people have commented on his motivational energy and also the relatability on how he speaks and teaches others.

He has only been in property for a couple of years and has since then purchased over 60x properties since then.

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Tama has successfully equipped and empowered hundreds of people with the essential knowledge and tools to optimise their profitability in property investing.

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